Summer Series 2022
August 17th & August 24th


WHEN: Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 7:00 pm

WHERE: The Pointe 14 Cinemas
        2223 Blockbuster Road
        Wilmington, NC

DIRECTED BY:  Marvin Samel

What doesn’t kill you makes you family. A special story of an aging father and his relationship with his son.

A Holocaust survivor born and raised in a different time, must now face the realities of modern world. When confronted with an unfamiliar object, an iPhone, will Mordecai be able to fit into a world that has changed so much around him?

Starring Judd Hirsch, Carol Kane, Sean Astin and Nick Puga.

(almost completely true)

WHEN: Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 7:00 pm

WHERE: The Pointe 14 Cinemas       
        2223 Blockbuster Road        
        Wilmington, NC

DIRECTED BY: Don Scardino

Life in Hollywood has lost its luster for timeless actress Mariette Hartley. Although her reputation precedes her from the peak of her acting career decades prior, meaningful work these days—and a decent date—are hard to find. When Mariette meets Jerry Sroka, a forever-comic who’s also been wading through L.A.’s insufferable dating scene, Jerry immediately falls for her stunning elegance and exceptionally dry humor. Seemingly aloof to Jerry’s advances, Mariette reluctantly caves to Jerry’s goofy impressions and genuine kindness, and the two forge a budding relationship. They compare notes on past marriages, pointless auditions, and their favorite classic movies. But as things get more serious and unexpected challenges arise, Mariette wonders if it may be too late for love. Written by and starring the legendary Mariette Hartley and Jerry Sroka, OUR (ALMOST COMPLETELY TRUE) STORY shares the hilarious, vulnerable realities for aging actors and the search for love as seniors in Hollywood.

Article in the Atlanta Jewish Times by our guest speaker from the 2022 Festival

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The Wilmington Jewish Film Festival has as its primary mission the presentation of films with Jewish content to advance and share common interests within the Jewish community and at the same time to share our heritage with the general public.

The festival seeks to offer quality entertainment that will create an ongoing vehicle for the Wilmington Jewish Community to strengthen its cultural foundation, promote diversity through higher visibility in the area and grow Wilmington’s reputation as a culturally vibrant Jewish community.

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