I Am Here

We welcome Rabbi Chaya Bender and Rabbi Emily Losben-Ostrov for a commemoration of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Rememberance Day

Dessert reception
to follow

Wednesday, April 25, 2022, 7:00PM

Thalian Center for the Performing Arts 
310 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, NC

Jordy Sank


 English subtitles

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Bonus Short :
Ismail’s Dilemma

Film Sponsor: 
The Alfred & Anita Schnog Family Foundation

A life-affirming documentary that celebrates the remarkable life of Ella Blumenthal. At her 98th birthday celebrations she opens up to close friends and family about her story of survival during the Holocaust, in a way she has never done before. Her recollections, depicted through dynamic 2D animation, include tales of three concentration camps, and of narrowly escaping death in a gas chamber. Along with uplifting stories, like Ella dissuading her niece from ending her life. The animation is juxtaposed with present day footage of Ella performing her weekly spiritual rituals, being active in the swimming pool and walking on the promenade in Cape Town. She is not your average grandmother, her vivacious personality and her positive outlook on life is truly inspiring. A universal message of resilience – as Ella is the epitome of the will to survive. This film could not be more relevant in a world that still defines itself by what is other.