Wilmington Jewish Film Festival accepts submissions year round!

The Wilmington Jewish Film Festival presents films with Jewish content to advance and share common interests within the Jewish community and at the same time, to share our heritage with the general public.

The festival seeks to offer quality entertainment that will create an ongoing vehicle for the Wilmington Jewish Community to strengthen its cultural foundation, promote diversity through higher visibility in the area and grow Wilmington’s reputation as a culturally vibrant Jewish community. Do you have a film you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. 

Submission Guidelines

  • A screen for the film.
  • If one is available, a trailer,
  • Information about the film: title, length, language, country of origin, and year it was made (this is the standard information used for each film that we present).
  • The price for a single screening.  Be aware that we are well-established but serve a comparatively small community, which means that our budget is modest.